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Eu Sou Porque Nós Somos / I am because We are


This podcast is dedicated to The Bridge Radio in solidarity with the radio. The sound is produced by the group of Eu Sou Porque Nós Somos that was formed after the assassination of Marielle Franco in Rio de Janeiro on March 14. 2018



Sandholm asylum camp - inside a military area

In this podcast The Bridge Radio is in Sandholm asylum camp, where we are visiting two friends who lives here. Sandholm asylum camp is placed  inside of a military training area.  All the way around the asylum camp there is a fence. On the other side of the fence soldiers are training for war. How is it to flee from conflicts - and live inside a military training area?

In this podcast we also talked with Henrik Munck, who is responsible for the military training area and medical doctor, Jacob Antonsen.


Sound Pieces from the International Conference of Migrants and Refugees 2016

international conference2.jpg

In February 2016 the Bridge Radio went to participate in the International Conference of Migrants and Refugees taking place in Hamborg. The conference was organised by the migrant struggle group Lampedusa Hamborg and had more than 1000 participants from different activist groups.

Here follows interviews with different groups made by the Bridge Radio; (uploading in progress)

This is an interview  with Jennifer and Lea from International Womens space Berlin. At the International Conference for Refugees and Migrants, Jennifer and Lea, were part of a group of women, who organized and took over the main stage, claiming a women’s space.

You can read more about international Womens space here: https://iwspace.wordpress.comThe music used in the sound piece, was performed live during the conference by a Sudanese Band.

This is an interview with Larry who is one of the initiators of the radio station Refugee Radio Network (RRN) - an online radio station by refugees.

We had this talk with Larry in the studio of Refugee Radio Network during the International Conference for Refugees and Migrants 2016. On daily basis the studio is placed in Kampnagel, an international center for arts - the venue that in those days also were housing the International conference. We asked Larry about the idea behind the radio, how it started and his opinion on the power of radio.

You can listen to their live radio and find more about Refugee Radio Network through their website;

The music used in the sound piece, was performed live during the conference by a Sudanese Band.

In this interview Shaban - a member of Lampedusa Hamborg a self-organised group in Hamborg since 2013 - tells about how the group started, their demands, strategies and why they chose to organise the International Conference for Refugees and Migrants. Finally, he gives some advices to newly started self--organised group based on their own experiences.

For more information about the Lampedusa Hamborg and their activities find them on facebook or through their website;

This is an interview with Bino an activist and radio producers from We are Born Free Empowerment Radio based in Berlin. He has been part of a long protest of migrants and refugees in Germany, starting with a 600 km protest march from different camps to Berlin and a tent occupation in Orianienplatz, Berlin.
One key demand of the struggle was to abolish the recidents pflicht (mandatory recidensy), a ban on people seeking asylum to stay within the administrative district where their asylum case is being considered.

We have asked Bino about the power of radio, about how their protest in Berlin started and his experience of resistance.

This interview was made and recorded by reporters from the bridge radio during the international conference of migrants and refugees in Hamburg 2016.


Let's Talk About Race - Audio Dictionary #1

The Bridge Radio participated to the event 'Let's Talk About Race' the 19th of February by Freedom of Movements and Afro Empowerment Center Denmark - a day of revolutionary introspection, reflection, discussion, networking, art and solidarity against structural discrimination and white supremacy.

Here you can hear a audio dictionary where the key terms of 'white supremacy', 'colonialism', 'self-determination', 'self-definition' and 'black liberation' are being defined and discussed by people who participated in the event.

Read more about the event;


Conversation with Léopold Lambert: Architecture, borders and violence

Calais Jungle - Photo by Leopold Lambert for The Funambulist

In this podcast the bridge radio is talking with the architect and writer Léopold Lambert, who is working on questions such as the politics of architecture in relation to bodies.

The conversation touches on topics like the violence of architecture, borders, walls and racism. The podcast platform and the magazine that Léopold Lambert is an editor of can really be recommended. The Archipelago and the Funambulist have numerous interesting conversations and articles on issues as borders, Fortress Europe, the Israeli occupation of Palestine, geopolitics, law, philosophy and much more.


Sjælsmark Reportage #1: The Place

In late 2015, the Bridge Radio correspondents Naser Abdullah, Henri Barbara and Mohammed Baba made a reportage in Sjælsmark deportation camp, which is located in Allerød close to center Sandholm. Two of the correspondents are living in this old military building, which the former government decided to use for asylum-seekers, which cases have been rejected by the danish authorities. The departure center is intended to 'motivate people to leave the country' through different motivational measures, but in effect many people are leaving the center going underground or stay in the center in degrading conditions.

Right now residents of Sjælsmark deportations camp are mobilizing and protesting outside the camp about the conditions of the camp and the violations of human rights, which they are suffering from, such as being forced to stay in Denmark, having their asylum-right denied and having no right to work.

Follow the Bridge Radio in order to listen to the next episodes and follow the struggle of the residents in Sjælsmark on Facebook: Castaway Souls of Sjælsmark,

Fence Around Sjælsmark 16.02.2016

Sound of the fence around the deportation camp Sjælsmark made on the 16th of February 2016 recorded with a Roland R26 and a røde microphone.



if the sea could talk.png

Based on an article written by the artist Dady De Maximo (orginally brought in VisAvis) this radio piece brings testemonies of people who all through different routes crossed the Mediterranean Sea. The titel of the audio piece is from the article by Dady De Maximo.

Dady De Maximo is an Rwandan artist, journalist and fashion designer. In this podcast, he reads the article aloud. The titel of the audio piece is from the article by Dady De Maximo. It can be accessed through VisAvis,



In this radio piece we are in the detention camp, Opatovac im Croatia, close to the Serbian border. Through interviews with people in the detention camp and our experiences there, we are trying to understand what is taking place. How can we begin to understand these spaces of detention and registration constructed in the EU borderspaces? 

This radio piece is the first in a series of collective explorations into the detention, registration and mechanisms of control constructing the European borderspaces, if you want to be part of this collective research, feel free to contact the bridge radio.


In this radio piece we are exploring questions about borders in communities. Who are members? How do you become member? Where is the border? Can there be community without borders?

In the sound piece, the types of communities are not defined and the exploration therefore evolves into a more abstract idea of what a community might be; smaller collectives and great scale communities such as the nation state.

The sound piece was produced in june 2015 during the Soundschool. Read more about the Soundschool here: